Until V2.2 BootPic was designed to replace the standard Workbench hand you always got after a reset. Now, with harddisks becoming more and more popular, there was no longer a need for such a kind of tool, as you never got the Workbench hand anyway. Instead one got annoyed by the boring black screen that showed during bootup-time. There were other attempts to get rid of this problem, (BootLogo, IffBoot) but these came in much too late with their picture. Thus, I modified BootPic to show the picture right after the reset until the workbench comes up. These are the version V3.0 and above.


Any of the older versions can be found on Fred Fish's AmigaLibrary.

Known Bugs


Future Developments

Since having started the development of Videotitler I really don't get around to do anything else. So I believe V3.1 is the last version that was ever written, although I know it's still quite buggy. I'm quite sorry for this, but I haven't got the nerve to hack around any further (and that's what BootPic is: A BIG hack!)
Andreas Ackermann, 08.12.95, last change 30.11.05